How to get free gems on Smite 2019 without human verification

How to get free gems for Smite game

How to get free gems on Smite 2018 without human verification: Tips on actually getting free gems and not waste time.
Over the last week, I’ve gotten over 1000 free gems. No lie and no bull. Yes, you have to do surveys of the hi-rez smite site but here some tips to making a couple of hundred gems in under an hour.

Go to the SponsorPay tab and look for all the surveys that are anywhere from 60-67 gems payout. These are your best surveys, less than 7 min per survey and pretty quick payout. Around 80% success rate.

Take a screenshot of the offer that you completed with your name somewhere on the screenshot. That’s why I suggest the 60 gem surveys the most because they provide your name and provided address on the completion page (Usually Bigbuck surveys).

If the sponsor pays surveys don’t pay out go down to the bottom of the tap and click on support, it will direct you to Sponsor pays site where you can file a report for the non received gems. Almost every 60 gem survey will pay out as long as you file a claim.

Make sure to check out all links that offer 1-2 gems on peanut labs, sponsor pay, and radium one. Usually, don’t take more than about 30 seconds per offer.

Really in no time, you should have plenty of gem without much effort. I’m pretty sure to smite gets a cut from these guys so you can support the game without your credit card.

Go here:

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